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Our Services - Exterior Cleaning

Bring Beautiful Architecture Back To Life

Once the façade and its components have been thoroughly analyzed, and all causes of deterioration have been identified, an overall plan for the repair is given. Approaches for preserving and restoring old facades vary widely.

One of the most generally accepted forms of preservation is reversibility. FMS has worked hard to come up with the right reverse solution so that the original condition of the material can be restored.

Restore means the preservation of the essential aesthetic characteristics of the material and its components. We do not change the form of the material. We preserve it and bring it back to life.

Examples Of Restoration

Concrete Removal Before Glass Cleaning After Cleaning
Before and After Comparison Paint Left Behind Cleaning of Alcubond

Be Prepared To Face Anything

We use high-performance coatings designed to provide durable, long-lasting protection that shields surfaces from water and oxygen. This helps prevent the elements from aiding any type of corrosion of metals, masonry, and glass, preventing the need for frequent restoration.

Invest In the Long-Term

Once restoration and protection are finished, the property will appear clean all year long. A building that has been properly restored and maintained with a line of eco-friendly products will only need a semi-annual cleaning with purified water. In our opinion, this is the most environmentally friendly option.

Employees of FMS are trained to provide a professional level of service with a high regard for health and safety. FMS is keen on following current NY OSHA rules and regulations. FMS works with SIT (Scaffolding Inspection Tester) for any upgrades of certifications that may need to be performed or acquired, and we are also licensed riggers.

Scheduled Cleanings

Once the initial work is complete, scheduling a regular cleaning is the best way to protect your property. Whether you need monthly or yearly service, we will customize a schedule that meets your needs. We will provide a solid plan to save you money and keep your property in good condition at all times. Call or visit for a free evaluation.

Man Cleaning the Wall
Man Wearing a White Hard Hat
Before and After Wall Cleaning
Man Hanging at the Edge of the Building


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