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Maintaining Your Building With Mother Nature In Mind.

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We Are the Experts In Our Field When It Comes To Green Cleaning

Our organization is dedicated to creating healthy and sustainable environments for each of our clients. Our objective is to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client through the use of effective and sustainable solutions, equipment, and techniques.

What Is Green Cleaning?

Cleaning to protect health while minimizing the negative effects on the environment.

Green cleaning programs promote health, safety, and social consciousness. Processes focus on improving indoor air quality, recycling, and minimizing the use of raw materials and toxic products that require disposal.

We combine environmentally friendly cleaning products, equipment, processes, and training to provide clients with a clean, healthy, and productive environment.

Green Cleaning

We have been performing commercial building maintenance and restoration for over a decade.

We take pride in presenting a professional image and providing high-quality services to all of our clients. Services include window washing, glass restoration, scratch repair, graffiti cleanup, and brick stain removal, just to name a few. Through years of experience, we have greatly increased our efficiency resulting in lower restoration and maintenance cost for our clients.

Every building requires façade maintenance. Regular interior and exterior surface cleanings are one more way we provide everything you need.

In order to provide an accurate estimate, all we need to know is the square footage to be cleaned and how frequently to perform these cleanings. Façade cleanups can be made by using the following:

Over 10 Years Dedicated to Green Cleaning
  • Existing Gondolas
  • Climbers
  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Robotic & Automatic Systems

Commercial Building
Workers Cleaning